PA Home Horizons, LLC
Let us show you another way to get rid of your house problems!  We can buy
your house and close quickly or on the date YOU choose.  We can buy “as-
is” and we don’t need to “wait until our current home sells” like most
buyers.  We can even make your payments until your house sells!   Ask us

Contact us and avoid any or all of the following common PROBLEMS:
  •        Waiting months to sell on the retail market  
  •        Wondering when you might have a closing
  •        Trying to sell on the “For Sale By Owner” market
  •        Fixing problems for picky buyers and dealing with rehab and
  •        “tire kickers” wasting your time and tracking through your house
  •        Making payments on an empty house
  •        Becoming a landlord
  •        Making payments you can’t afford
  •        Having a buyer back out at the last minute
  •        Foreclosure/Bankruptcy

We look forward to hearing from you.  Don’t let your home or investment
property become a burden.  We can help!
Contact us today!
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