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Cost Comparison
Usually there are several reasons that you might be considering selling.  This might be
that you have had a job change, a change in family status, you need more space, your
current home needs work, or maybe its more home than you can afford.  The list can go
on and on.  

A conventional sale is what comes to most homeowner’s minds when they think of
selling.  In today’s market, that can mean a long time on the market and/or a heavy
financial burden to the homeowner. On AVERAGE a typical home is on the market for 6
months before it sells.  Do you want to wait?

Let’s say you decide to do like most Americans and sell you home with a Realtor.  We’ll
even assume that your home sells in just 90 days for nearly full price.  Sounds good
right?  Here’s a typical breakdown.  
Ok, now who is going to pay all your monthly costs while you are negotiating and waiting to
have a closing?  YOU ARE!  We haven’t met an agent yet that is willing to make your mortgage
payments!  So let’s finish up our cost breakdown.
That example assumes that everything goes according to plans (does it ever?)  Remember when we said
the typical home is on the market for 6 months?  That $23,860 jumps to $27,625 in another 3 short
months!  Selling the traditional way is not always as good of a deal as it may seem and costs can really
add up quickly!  If you would like us to do a cost comparison for you, just
email us!  It’s FREE!

Does your home have some problems that buyers seem to shy away from? Would
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